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Skylights: New Project in Kent CT

Skylights is a site specific project for a new business, Barks 4 Cats, opening in Kent CT on May 23rd, 2009. Skylights features two triptychs of sky and clouds. The panels will be suspended from the ceiling, easily viewed as patrons enter and leave the business. I conceived of the skylights idea several years ago but lacked a venue to accommodate this unusual installation. After seeing my work, business owner Ann Privee approached the me with the idea of skyscapes hung from the ceiling and I immediately realized this would be a prefect opportunity to exhibit the Skylights work.

Privee, owner of Robin Alexander Ltd., also in Kent, decided to open a gourmet doggies bakery with a charitable focus. She plans to donate 50% of proceeds to help support charitable organizations, focusing on local animal shelters and agencies promoting animal welfare. Privee will also provide funding for organizations working with the autistic.  Barks 4 Cats will feature organic dog treats and other specialties. The business will be located at 5 Old Barn Road, Kent, CT.


Aftershow afterglow

My solo show at the Gallery on the Green has come and gone; a week of installing and fine tuning and more than six months of work culminated with the opening reception on Saturday night. It was wonderful to see so many old friends and new friends come out to help celebrate! I’ve come to realize that the communal celebration by friends, family, fellow artists and supporters is what it’s all about. It really is a big party to say “Wow! You did it!”

The undertaking is enormous; so much work, so many hours, many of them spent alone in your studio for days and weeks and months. Lots of time thinking and doing and rethinking and redoing and then, finally, the day comes; ready or not, it’s time to install. You look at your gallery space, clean and pristine, waiting for your hand and your work to transform it. You stand there and try to imagine how it will look, and then you begin. There are always last minute changes and adjustments and the odd thing that comes up you didn’t anticipate but somehow, it all comes together for opening night!

The pieces take on a life of their own once they’re installed. On the gallery wall, they “become real”. It’s like sending your children off to school, they are yours but not yours anymore; they take on another identity and a new life, out in the world. They can now speak for themselves and make their way in the world. They are launched!

Ahh, there’s nothing like it!

Fine tuning

Today I’m back in the studio working on my Storm Series.
I’m at a point where I am fine tuning 4 pieces. It is painstaking work. I can’t rush it – I look more than paint and go slow.
I have 3 other pieces waiting in the wings. They need a break from me. They’re about half-way to where they need to go but I’ve been working with them too much, so I’ve lost my ability to see them clearly. When that happens, I need to back off!

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